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Leonard Gribble

Leonard Gribble wrote under several pseudonyms: Leo Grex, Louis Grey, Piers Marlow, Sterry Browning, Dexter Muir and Bruce Sanders. He also wrote some Westerns, under the name of Landon Grant.  He also wrote under his own name.  Born in 1908 he had one leading character, Superintendent Anthony Slade. His first novel was published in 1929. He wrote crime football based mysteries. The Arsenal Stadium Mystery was made into a film in 1939. He also wrote non-fiction true crime and was a criminologist.  Such examples of titles are Notorious Killers in the Night, Such Lethal Ladies, Compelled to Kill.



The Case of the Marsden Rubies (1929)
The Gillespie Suicide Mystery (1929)
The Grand Modena Murder (1930)
Is this Revenge (1931) aka The Serpentine Murder
The Stolen Home Secretary (1932) aka The Stolen Statesman
The Secret of Tangles (1933)
The Yellow Bungalow (1933)
The Death Chime (1934)
The Riddle of the Ravens (1934)
Mystery at Tudor Arches (1935)
The Case of the Malverne Diamonds (1936)
Riley of the Special Branch (1936)
Who Killed Oliver Cromwell? (1937)
The Case Book of Anthony Slade (1937)
Tragedy in E Flat (1938)
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939)
Atomic Murder (1947)
Hangman’s Moon (1950)
They Kidnapped Stanley Matthews (1950)
The Frightened Chameleon (1950)
Mystery Manor (1951)
The Glass Alibi (1952)
The Velvet Mask (1952)
Murder Out of Season (1952)
She Died Laughing (1953)
Murder Mistaken (1953) with Janet Green
The Inverted Crime (1954)
Sally of Scotland Yard (1954) with Geraldine Laws
Death Pays the Piper (1956)
Superintendent Slade Investigates (1956)
Stand In for Murder (1957)
Don’t Argue with Death (1959)
Wantons Die Hard (1961)
Heads You Die (1964)
The Violent Dark (1965)
Strip Tease Macabre (1967)
A Diplomat Dies (1969)
Alias the Victim (1971)
Programmed for Death (1973)
You Can’t Die Tomorrow (1975)
Midsummer Slay Ride (1976)
Crime on Her Hands (1977)
Death Needs No Alibi (1979)
Dead End in Mayfair (1981)
The Dead Don’t Scream (1983)

as Leo Grex
The Tragedy at Draythorpe Hutchinson (1931)
The Nightborn (1931)
The Lonely Inn Mystery (1933)
The Madison Murder (1933)
The Man from Manhattan (1934)
Murder in the Sanctuary (1934)
Crooner’s Swan Song (1935)
Stolen Death (1936)
Transatlantic Trouble (1937)
The Carlent Manor Crime (1939)
The Black Out Murders (1940)
The Stalag Mites (1947)
King Spiv (1948)
Crooked Sixpence (1949)
Ace of Danger (1952)
Thanks for the Felony (1958)
Larceny in Her Heart (1959)
Terror Wears a Smile (1962)
The Brass Knuckle (1964)
Violent Keepsake (1967)
The Hard Kill (1969)
Kill Now Pay Later (1971)
Die as in Murder (1974)
Death Throws No Shadow (1976)
Mix Me a Murder (1978)
Hot Ice (1983)

As Louis Grey
The Signet of Death (1934)

As Dexter Muir
The Pilgrims Meet Murder (1948)
The Speckled Swan (1949)
Rosemary for Death (1953)

As Sterry Browning
Crime at Cape Folly (1951)
Sex Marks the Spot (1954)




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